The court ordered Stormy Daniels to pay the President of the United States the amount of costs

The court ordered Stormy Daniels to pay the President of the United States the amount of costs

Moscow. 12 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — a Federal judge on Tuesday ordered a pornographic actress Stomi Daniels to pay to the President of the United States Donald Trump’s legal costs of $292 thousand and one thousand fines in connection with her rejected a claim for defamation, told CNBC.


“This judgment, along with the previous court ruling to dismiss Stormy Daniels defamation against the President, together constitute a complete victory for the President and complete defeat Stormy Daniels in this matter,” — said the TV channel trump’s attorney Charles harder.

As noted, designated by the court, the amount is much less than $800 thousand, which the lawyer trump asked at the beginning of the month.

Meanwhile, attorney Daniels Michael Avenatti told the TV station that his client will not have to pay Trump.

Stormy will never have to pay a dime because they owe her over $1 million in attorney’s fees and costs for the primary case on non-disclosure, especially in light of the recognition of Cohen guilty of criminal offence.Michael Amanatidou Stormy Daniels News“Nothing special”: Stormy Daniels talked about the relationship with trump

Previously, Federal prosecutors accused former counsel to trump, Michael Cohen in the organization of the payment of compensation in the amount of $280 thousand to two women, including Daniels, who claimed that they had an affair with trump in exchange for their silence before the election. The prosecutors said that these payments were made in coordination c with trump and his instructions.

In March, Daniels said that he had been threatened for trying to disclose information on past intimate relationship with trump in 2006.

In 2011, she agreed to the proposal of one of the magazines to publish the fact of its Association with trump for $15 thousand, but was subject to serious threats, including her daughter.

Subsequently, Daniels circulated a portrait of a man who probably threatened her. In turn, trump published it on his Twitter with the caption “the picture you did years later about a non-existent person.” In response, the Daniels filed a libel suit, which was rejected by the court.