Named the highest paid writer in 2018

Named the highest paid writer in 2018

James Patterson is recognized as the highest-paid writer in 2018, according to Forbes magazine, he has earned $86 million List of 11 authors were published on the newspaper’s website on December 11.


Patterson has become known for a series of novels about inspector Alex Cross.

In second place is last year’s leader, Rowling with $54 million Thus, the income of the author of the books about Harry Potter for the year fell to $41 million

In third place were Stephen king, with earnings of $27 million on may 23, he released his novel “the Outsider”.

Also the list includes John Grisham ($21 million), Jeff Kinney ($18.5 million), Dan brown ($18.5 million), Michael wolf ($13 million), Danielle steel ($12 million), Nora Roberst ($12 million) Rick Riordan ($10.5 million) and Erica Leonard James ($10.5 million).

In total included in the top 11 writers for 2018 has sold 24.5 million of books only in the US, earning $283 million.

Earlier in December, the founder of Microsoft bill gates has made its own list of the best books 2018.

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