Golikov ordered to pay January pensions in December

Golikov ordered to pay January pensions in December

The pension Fund of Russia needs ahead of time to pay January pensions in December. This was ordered at the enlarged meeting of the Board of the FIU Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, reports TASS.


“In connection with the indexation of pensions from 1 January 2019 would like to draw attention to the need to carry out an early advance payment of pensions in December for weekends and holidays January 2019, the citizens could get the money, and to ensure the timely delivery of the amounts of pensions in the new sizes,” she said.

In turn, the head of the FIU Anton Drozdov has assured that the advance payments, the indexation of pensions on 1 January funded. The money will be transferred in the 20’s of December.

Golikova said that you should try to get rid of “unfriendly attitude” to the citizens, applying to FIU. “It is important to be attentive and respectful to our citizens. Yes, there are different questions, there are questions from ignorance. You should exercise maximum attention,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

From 1 January 2019 the average monthly increase of pension for old age pensioners will be 1 thousand rubles. Indexing is provided at the level of 7.05% in 2019, 6.6% and 6.3% in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Currently, the average pension in Russia is just over 14 thousand rubles. Indexation of pensions can only count non-working pensioners.

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