Theresa may has postponed the vote in Parliament on Bracito

Theresa may has postponed the vote in Parliament on Bracito

The head of the UK government Theresa may has postponed the date for a vote in Parliament on the plan of country’s withdrawal from the European Union. About it reports Sky News.


Mei had to speak in the Parliament with a proposal to vote on 11 December for her plan. A few hours before the Prime Minister’s speech in the British press there were messages that the head of the government will postpone the vote as it became clear that it will not receive the support of parliamentarians.

Now vote on the plan of British exit from the EU should take place until January 21. The EU insist that the plan before the agreed Mei and the European Union is the only possible option to leaving the UK and not reopen it.

In the case that may not be able to enlist the support of parliamentarians, the United Kingdom will either have to secede from the Union without any agreements, or to hold early parliamentary elections.

In addition, Britain can hold another vote on the withdrawal or to refuse it (the opportunity on 10 December was made by the court of the EU).

Mei is strongly opposed to re-vote on Brazito.

In mid-November, the plan may approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and then the leaders of the EU countries. The plan of the Prime Minister, the UK should leave the EU on 29 March 2019.