Letters of authority: what books to read Putin and trump

Letters of authority: what books to read Putin and trump

What books to read Russian and American politicians.


Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that he tries to read literature and fiction, highlighting such authors as kilometers and Mo Yan. Shortly before the US President Donald trump, who is hardly a bibliophile, also advised Americans a few books. However, all of them written by his supporters. “Газета.Ru” — that read statesmen in Russia and the United States.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a press conference this week said that he tries to read and the fiction, although it is rarely.

I probably would cease to develop as people, if not try to look in other directions.

The Prime Minister said that a great impression on him recently produced a book Guzel Agenoy “zulaikha opens his eyes”. This work tells the story of a young Tatar women in the hard times of the 30-ies in the USSR. “It’s just well written, there’s an interesting plot, and it’s really literature”, — said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister also noted the book “wine Country” is first translated into the Russian language novel by Chinese writer Mo Yan, who became a Nobel laureate in 2012. Medvedev said that he wanted her to become familiar with Chinese culture. Book genre — magical realism. It focuses on corruption in the Chinese government. In the story, the investigator for particularly important cases of the Dean of the Gower arrives to the coal mine Luoshan to investigate the case of eating babies.

Books that recommend government officials, often become bestsellers.

They are discussed in the news media often cite passages from these works, when they write about their recommended policies.

The US President Donald trump, about whom the rumor is that he prefers reading to watching TV, also recently advised Americans a few books. However, this is not fiction, but a work written by his supporters.

Among the recommended trump’s recent book the three authors of the Mac Alister, Dana Longino and Matt Palumbo “Spy case. Attempt to sabotage Donald trump” and “Russian fake. Illegal attempt to cover up for Hillary” by American journalist Gregg Jarette. Another one of the books that advised the us leader also said his supporter and admirer, a Republican from Louisiana Steve Scalesa. His “Back in the game” trump especially praised, and called “stunning”.

Leading “list of trump”, The New York Times asks the question, did the head of the White house at least one work of art that encourages Americans.

As noted, the US President himself openly said in an interview that little reading. “Every time you sit behind her, I overcome about half of the page,” said last year trump about trying to read a book about the U.S. President Andrew Jackson, which was recommended to him by the then Advisor to Steve Bannon.