In Paris for the first time in 13 years, have deployed armored vehicles to the police because of the protests of the “yellow jackets”

In Paris for the first time in 13 years, have deployed armored vehicles to the police because of the protests of the “yellow jackets”

PARIS, 8 Dec. /Offset. TASS Mikhail Timofeev/ Police checks selectively passers-by and removes dangerous objects.


Armored vehicles of the French gendarmerie took on Saturday morning position in the gable of the French National Assembly (lower house of Parliament). This convinced the TASS correspondent, who is at the scene.

This is the first deployment in Paris armored guards from the time of the pogroms, which hooligans staged in 2005.

Then the manifestation of socially disadvantaged cities of the Department of Saint-Denis was thrown on the capital.

Just in Paris on Saturday will use 14 of the gendarmerie armored vehicles, painted in blue color. They are equipped with a dozer blade for the destruction of the barricades. The towers are equipped with devices for circular spraying tear gas.

Withdrawn gas masks, hammers and screwdrivers

On Friday, interior Minister Christoph Kastner did not hide serious concerns about the fact that during a previous demonstration on December 1, the extremists kidnapped from the police machine in the army and the ammo.

To identify attempts to bring firearms or bladed weapons at demonstrations, from Saturday morning police and gendarmes random checks in Paris, passers-by carrying bags or backpacks. Removed all gas masks, hammers, screwdrivers and other items that can be used by demonstrators during clashes with the police.

Shops and restaurants erect a defense

Early Saturday morning armored vehicles appeared on the square of the Bastille (Eastern part of the city center), and on the square, Rouen in the middle of the Champs elysées. The main artery of Paris, a few days preparing for the fact that it can happen again the riots, like last Saturday.

As the correspondent of TASS, currently, all the stores lowered the blinds. Some are additionally Packed with shields, although a few of them are made of white chipboard and are flimsy. Last Saturday, the protesters tore these boards and used them for the construction of the fence.

Several cafés and restaurants have tried for a week to erect for the protection of high fences and walls. One of the beer restaurants on the Champs Elysees was built around the entrance of a four-metre wall of concrete blocks and painted it black to attract less attention to the demonstrators.

Urgently restored fences in the mansions of the Star, near the South of the arc de Triomphe. They were broken a week ago — sharp teeth of a cast-iron fence, the demonstrators broke off and were thrown at police. A thick layer of sand municipal service fell asleep near the arc de Triomphe all the hatches leading to the underground communications of the city.

The alarm on the Champs Elysees