American made up daily schedule or your cat

American made up daily schedule or your cat

And his peak was at 4:30 in the morning.


A programmer from the U.S. state Massachusetts are Nick Usoff spent the whole day watching my cat.

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In the experiment, he was able to make two graphics or keep track of what time the cat is the most talkative and what makes him meow at some point. Both of the charts Nick has published in social networks.

So, 24 hours of experimental cat meowed 219 times. Peak noise caudate came at half past four in the morning — at that time he uttered sounds of more than 30 times.

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Publication from Nick Usoff (@heyusoft) Jan 28, 2015 at 12:30 PST

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Also very active cat during feeding: while Nick poured him some food, he managed to meow about 10 times, and afterwards, continued to “talk” for hours.

Day the cat was relatively calm, but with the approach of evening feeding again started meowing.

But from one o’clock until four in the morning the cat slept without hind legs and did not utter a sound.

I tracked all of my cats meows for 24 hours [OC]

— Best OfReddit (@RedditBest) 3 Dec 2018

The first chart Nick pointed out the time of feeding and the intensity of meowing for hours. And the second calculated average number mayani per hour.

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