The king of cocaine

The king of cocaine

He became the chief drug Lord of all time. His men plunged Colombia into terror.


…25 years ago on the roof of a house in Medellin was shot and killed Pablo Escobar the most famous drug Lord of all time. He hoisted the US for cocaine and was built the largest in Colombia boardwalk Empire with a turnover of tens of billions of dollars. Seeking policy, Escobar has managed to infiltrate the Colombian Congress and declared his enemies at war, for many years, plunging the country into chaos and terror. Cruel and merciless, the king of cocaine whole life bathed in luxury — and even built their own prison, casinos and prostitutes. But when the hands of Escobar was killing children and innocents, he turned away from all — drug kingpin No. 1 has become the main enemy of the state for Colombia, which began the big hunt…

Once in Colombia

The future king of coke Pablo Emilio Escobar was born 1 December 1949 in a poor peasant family of jesús Dari and teacher of Humility Gaviria from the town of rionegro in Colombia. Childhood Escobar — a third child in the family — it’s been surrounded by punks, idols which were local bandits: in the evenings the boys were going and fairy stories about the adventures of another scumbag.

However, he Pablo in the childhood dreamed about politics and wanted to become President. In an extreme case, a young Escobar was agree on the fate of the Colombian Robin hood, punishing the rich for greed and distributing their goods to the poor. In fact the nobility of the teenager was not a stranger: he often took the products from the merchants on credit — they agreed out of respect for his mother. Then Pablo is fed up of their classmates from poor families — those so malnourished that fainted right in the classroom. However, with age these outbursts from Escobar became smaller.

When Pablo was 12, his family in search of a better life moved to the nearby town of Envigado. There, Escobar’s mother opened a private elementary school, where he began to learn and her son. He quickly joined the students supporting the opposition and the idea of revolution — they were especially inspired by the Cuban revolution of 1953-1959. Young rebel quickly went downhill: he once stole from the teachers leaves with the examination tasks and distributed them among the students. Pablo was skipping class to smoke marijuana, what once were two teachers who expelled him from school.

The idol of the poor

Find themselves out of work of 16-year-old boy did not sit idly by. The first thing that took Escobar was stealing gravestones from the cemetery of the city of Medellin — where he escaped censure from the parents. Headstones with worn inscriptions thief sold to dealers from Panama, but a lot of money to him to no avail. Pablo then moved on to more serious crime: he began to steal and resell the cars, engaged in smuggling tobacco, but petty theft is not left.

In these dark deeds Escobar has shown leadership qualities, which soon helped him to put together a small grouping. Its members have engaged in extortion: they found the owners of expensive cars and demanded money from them, threatening deportation upon refusal. If the victim still refused, the machines were really lost, the bandits were bluffing.

Podnatorev in blackmail, improvised Escobar moved on to kidnappings, one of their most famous victims was a wealthy landowner Diego Echevarria. Successful and ruthless entrepreneur hated by all the poor of medellín, whose support Escobar is very calculated.

In 1971, the bandits stole, Echevaria, demanding a large ransom from his family — but the money was never received. Then the kidnappers began to torture the landowner, trying to figure out where he had hidden savings. Not receiving an answer, they strangled the victim, and the body thrown to the city dump.