NYT: Saudi authorities followed Hackage with the help of Israeli computer program

NYT: Saudi authorities followed Hackage with the help of Israeli computer program

Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, is close to the slain journalist Jamal Kalkaji (Khashoggi), filed a lawsuit in the Israeli software producer NSO Group. On December 2, wrote the New York Times.


Abdulaziz said that Saudi authorities had installed on his phone Pegasus software, which was developed by the NSO Group. This spy software allows you to listen to conversations, read messages and also track browser history. According to Abdulaziz, the Saudi authorities could follow Hackage.

Representatives of the NSO Group said to use their software must only be used by government agencies and only for the purposes of combating terrorism and crime. The company also noted that the permission to sell their programs gives the government of Israel.

In early November, former CIA and national security Agency, the United States said that intelligence of Saudi Arabia made a hacker attack against other Hackage. According to him, they used software from the NSO Group.

The company NSO Group was founded in 2010. According to Forbes, its software used in Turkey, Qatar, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Mozambique, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bahrain and Hungary.

Jamal Kalkaji killed 2 Oct in Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. The power of the Kingdom had acknowledged his death three weeks later. In mid-November, the Washington Post, citing a source in the CIA wrote that the order to kill Kalkaji gave crown Prince Mohammed. The Saudi authorities deny any involvement of the crown Prince to the incident.

2017 Kalkaji lived in the United States, where he wrote for the Washington Post. In his articles he criticized the Saudi government and urged the authorities to stop the arrests of political activists.