Poroshenko gave Putin “two bad news”

Poroshenko gave Putin “two bad news”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with British TV channel Sky News conveyed to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, two bad news. The words of the head of state quotes the press service Poroshenko.


“First: the Russian President will never decide who will be President of Ukraine. It is the decision of the Ukrainian people”, — said Poroshenko, speaking on the topic of the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for March 31.

The Ukrainian leader stressed that he fully trusts the people, and of canceling or postponing the elections of the President in connection with the introduction in some regions, the military situation can be expected.

The second [bad news]: if martial law we will cancel the elections, in this situation, only one wins. Know who this is? This Is Putin.Peter Presenteraient Ukraine NewsPutin for the first time commented on the incident in the Kerch Strait

The next presidential elections scheduled for 31 March 2019. The current head of state Petro Poroshenko has the right to run for a second term. However, according to the survey conducted by the Institute of social technologies “sociopolis” and published on 22 November, the current President is only the third place in ranking possible candidates — it is ready to support 6.2 percent of the total number of respondents. The ranking is led by Yulia Tymoshenko, his voice for her ready to give 14.7 percent of respondents. Between Tymoshenko and Poroshenko in the rating of sympathies of Ukrainians settled showman Vladimir Zelensky (9.4%).

HelpPoroshenko imposed martial law

Than it threatens Russia and Ukraine?

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