Peskov told about the letter of the priest in the Kremlin

Peskov told about the letter of the priest in the Kremlin

BUENOS AIRES, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Ex-lawyer, American President Donald trump Michael Cohen did in the Kremlin administration with questions about the construction of the building and asked to arrange a meeting with her leadership, the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.


They explained that the presidential administration is not engaged in construction, and was invited to the St. Petersburg forum, after which they went missing, said Peskov.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Cohen in January 2016, wrote by e-mail sand for construction in Moscow “of trump Tower” — so often called skyscrapers, which the company is building the American President. According to the newspaper, Cohen asked for help in the organization of the project, but received no response. On Thursday, Cohen confessed in court, saying that he lied to Congress about the project, trump’s real estate in Russia and actually discussed it during the campaign.

“My email address is listed on the Internet site, and every week we receive dozens of calls from entrepreneurs, and those wishing to participate in the St. Petersburg forum, from those who want to establish some connections, and just from citizens,” — said Peskov told reporters.

He confirmed that Cohen did treatment.