Named rates for the stars in show

Named rates for the stars in show

Actress Maria Shukshina told that she was offered 15 million roubles for participation in a talk show of Andrei Malakhov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. According to her, all of the participants of such television shows receive fees for shooting.


The price for star actress has mentioned in the comments to his post in Instagram. In them, she spoke to the member of the expert Council on development of information society and media of the state Duma Vadim Manoukian:

The money will tell You that I know personally: my son Makar Malakhovskaya transmission was offered one million rubles, to me they were willing to pay 15 million, just came… But to go for this obscurantism — not to respect themselves… they pay absolutely ALL participants of the show.

The actress added that for many regular guests of the TV program, these fees are the main source of income.

Shukshina called similar issues of spiritual and moral war. “The more dirt, the more you pay!” — she concluded.

NewsAll the participants, “Silver” left the band

In the comments of the post Shukshina members discussed the petition, which is required by law to prohibit the discussion of personal life of the stars on television. Manukyan promised her that those responsible will answer for their actions. In his opinion, the Federal channels is impractical spending budget, producing such a show.

Previously, many Russian celebrities are demanded to ban the telecast “live”, “Let them talk” and “You wouldn’t believe!”. In their opinion, such transfers defame the honor and dignity of celebrities. Among the supporters of the initiative, Maria Shukshina, Alika Smekhova, and Nikita Dzhigurda.

The state Duma has addressed to General Director VGTRK with the request to “filter mud” on TV. They also sent a request on the expenditure allocated to channel state funds.