Medina explained for “live” of Egor Letov and the abolition of rap concerts

Medina explained for “live” of Egor Letov and the abolition of rap concerts

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky in an interview to TV channel “Rain” explained why he called the leader of “Civil defense” Yegor Letov live musician.


He also said the cancellation of concerts by young artists in the Russian regions:

It’s a long story. It was Omsk. Honestly, I didn’t sleep the night because of these flights with a time difference. I began to ask about Igor Letov. I’m a big fan of rock band “Civil defense”, and before that was the big story of the “Leningrad” — Pulkovo, Cord. And I was trying to formulate an idea to keep in mind the Cord, but not to say it aloud so not to offend anyone.NewsIn Omsk region will have a airport of a name of Egor Letov

The Minister of culture stressed that does not follow the cancellation of concerts of Russian artists: “It’s pop culture mass, the Ministry of culture does not subsidize concerts rappers”. He admitted that such events are included in the area of responsibility of his Department, but “in addition, there are still many areas of responsibility”. Medinsky added that he is ready to defend freedom in the framework of the law.

“I can’t follow the performances of all rappers. I have a son watching over”, he concluded.

Previously Medina, commenting on the idea to assign the airport of Omsk Letov name, said to give the objects names alive is bad form. “He’s not alive,” he reminded reporters. The head of the Ministry of culture then said that meant not Letov, leader of the “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov and called his fans “Civil defense” by the misfits.

Egor (Igor) Letov —rock musician from Omsk. He died in 2008 at the age of 43 years.