In the Ulyanovsk region opened a free school for older people

In the Ulyanovsk region opened a free school for older people

“The main subject we photograph. It learn how to work with light, with the scenario of shooting. Retirees mostly take pictures of their cats, dogs, nature and of course their relatives”, — told the newspaper VIEW organizer “Fotoshkola 55+” Marina Kazakova, which opened in Ulyanovsk.


Earlier it became known that in Ulyanovsk opened a “Fotoshkola 55+” for older people. For the first time in the region has created a free creative Studio where people 55 years and can try yourself in the role of a photographer and a model. With students engaged in free photographer, stylist, makeup artist and a psychologist.

Participants of “Photoschool 55+” get the opportunity to go on nature, to take pictures of scenic spots, to participate in workshops on stage make-up, posing, workshops and competitions on photography.

“Now — the final stretch of our project. We are planning a photo exhibition at the end of December. It will be called “Portrait 55 +”. We did not limit ourselves to any theme. They will just be portraits that will reflect the beauty, the wisdom and experience of adults”, says Kazakov.

She noted that the school is gradually becoming “easy communication club 55+”. “We share a lot of experiences, knowledge, emotions, and even, for example, learn how to dance bachata. We have all sorts of projects and ideas. We and the theater of fashion want to create” — enthusiastically says Kazakova. “We even commercials, we were invited to the photo shoot at the boutique,” reaping the benefit organizer.

Kazakova concerned that for older people “, where people could relax, play sports” that’s why she wants to create a “little sphere”, where elderly people are well.

“We are ready to share the knowledge. We have a lot of those who want to share their talents. Many need our experience and our skills. Many of them apply to your life. People’s lives brighter, richer and more interesting”, — Kazakov believes.

“We also want to be beautiful, we also want to be liked. Even in 70 years, but we want to get married. We want to see beauty. That’s why it’s not just leisure. This vector of development — sure Kazakova. — People over 50 want to improve, to live beautifully. Even the compliments from friends can significantly change the quality of life.” The organizer of the “photo school” relies on grants, which could be to her project.

As previously reported, “REGNUM”, due to the Studio not only learn how to photograph, learn the basics of composition, but also to find a new circle of friends. On 26 December, a photo exhibition of students of the school. In the group of 15 women. The project became the winner of Federal competition of social projects “Active generation” and implemented by the charity Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.

The head of the Studio, the prize-winner and laureate of international competitions, member of the Union of designers of Russia Valery Durnov teaches the practical skills of photography. Head of school of modern design “Creapole Academy”, member of Union of Designers of Svetlana Semenenko leads the course of style. An expert in the field of interpersonal relationships, practicing psychologist and coach Yulia Kuzmina helps students to feel more at ease and raise your self-esteem, to cope with negative emotions. Makeup artist and stylist Ksenia Shatalov teaches you how to prepare for photo shoots, introduces the basics of the age makeup.

At the end of the course in December will be a presentation of the photo exhibition “Beauty 55+”, which in the Studio “White format” are invited to attend.

In the Ulyanovsk region annually receive state support for socially oriented NPOs. In 2018, the regional budget allocated 12 million rubles. Maximum grant amount — 600 thousand rubles. This year Ulyanovsk NGOs also were winners of the Federal competition of Presidential grants to 32 NGOs have won for their projects, more than 33 million rubles.