Argentine media called the limo Putin “bin on wheels”

Argentine media called the limo Putin “bin on wheels”

BUENOS AIRES, 30 Nov — RIA Novosti. Argentine media discuss the four “beasts” — the limousines of presidents of Russia and the USA, which arrived together with their owners in Buenos Aires for the G20 summit.


Both machines, the local media called “Bestia”, which translated from Spanish means “beast”.

Limousine Putin TV channel TN is considered to be “a real bunker on wheels” — it can withstand bullets of large caliber and even the impact of the explosives, all the parts of the machine are top secret. In Argentina, Putin brought the car Aurus.

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The distinguishing characteristics of armored car trump the newspaper Clarin said her weight is 7 tons and the ability to withstand chemical and biological attack.

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