In Russia revealed more than 12 thousand HIV-positive children

In Russia revealed more than 12 thousand HIV-positive children

Currently in Russia there are more than 12 thousand HIV-positive children. This “news” told the chief of Department of the Moscow regional Center for prevention and control of AIDS and infectious diseases Evgeny Smirnov.


People know little about this disease, in this regard, relatives of the infected try not to advertise the diagnosis, fear of stigma and discrimination against children. According to research by the charity Fund “Children plus”, faced with a similar 55% of parents.

Modern medicine allows people with HIV to live a long and happy life. Doctors also confirm that the “positive” children safe for the environment.

“The way of HIV transmission is blood-blood. That is, when the injection and sexual contact, which is also associated with blood because of cracks. Other bodily fluids contain enough virus, it is not sufficient for infection,” explained Evgeny Smirnov, noting that he did not know “a single case of domestic infection of the child in Russia.”

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