American forgot to fasten the hang glider (video)

American forgot to fasten the hang glider (video)

This story could be very sad.


Florida resident Chris Gursky together with his wife Gail in mid-October, went on vacation to Switzerland. There, the couple decided to indulge in extreme fun and hang-gliding at a height of about 1200 meters.

During the download an error has occurred.

But if Gail all got from Chris that day, the tide has turned. As it turned out, the pilot forgot to fasten safety belts men to an aircraft, but they have already learned during the flight.

At first Chris tried to grab the instructor, and then caught with one hand glider. At this time the pilot was trying to land, but gained even more height. In total, the men were circling in the air a little more than two minutes, and that all this time Chris was able to hold out for a miracle.

His hands slipped, when the glider went to the landing, so in the fall, the American escaped with only a broken wrist of the right hand and a torn tendon of the biceps of the left arm.

At the hospital, Chris spent the entire day, but impressions he had for a long time. The entire flight he took on a GoPro camera, and videos with scary story about their adventures published in late November on YouTube.

At the end of his narrative Chris said that will try to fly on a hang glider yet, because his first flight, he did not have time to enjoy.

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