The FSB published a list of weapons found on arrested ships of the Ukrainian Navy

The FSB published a list of weapons found on arrested ships of the Ukrainian Navy

MOSCOW, November 27. /TASS/. The FSB has published on its website a list of weapons found on apprehended while attempting passage in the Kerch Strait military ships of the Ukrainian Navy.


On Board they had four 30-mm guns, four automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 and four PKT machine-gun (cannon 30 mm AGS-17 and PBC represent one artillery, only four of them — two on each boat). In addition, we found two DShK 12.7 mm, 13 AK-47 rifles, four pistols, a traumatic pistol, a flare gun, more than 765 high-explosive projectiles caliber 30 mm, 1975 rounds for the grenade VOG-17 and 495 — to the grenade launcher VOG, 40 grenades RGD-5, 48 grenades RG-42, RGD 20 grenades, a large quantity of ammunition, 15 bayonets.

Newsthe Worsening of relations between Russia and Ukraine in the Black sea. The main thing

As recalled in the FSB, “despite the efforts of the Russian party to the action, the ships of the Ukrainian Navy was put on alert: uncovered artillery guns, artillery raised at a 45 degree angle and aimed in the direction of the ships and boats of the Russian Federation (in breach of article 19 of the UN Convention on the law of the sea 1982, section 2 of article 11 of the Federal law 155 of 31 July 1998 “On internal sea waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone of the Russian Federation”). “The Russian side brought to the ships of the Ukrainian Navy, in the territorial sea of the Russian Federation the threat of use of weapons will be regarded as a violation of the rules of innocent passage in accordance with international law and legislation of the Russian Federation”, — reminded in the message of the FSB.

The task

The ships of naval forces of Ukraine “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” — the task was to secretly go to the Kerch Strait. This was reported in the public relations Center of the FSB on Tuesday.