Which means the introduction of martial law in Ukraine

Which means the introduction of martial law in Ukraine

The national security Council (NSDC) of Ukraine has decided to impose martial law in the country for 60 days. This decision must be approved by Verkhovna Rada of the country. What does this step mean — in the material “Kommersant”.


Martial law, according to the Law “On legal regime of martial law” is a special legal regime, which is administered in the event of armed aggression against Ukraine or attack, danger to the independence and territorial integrity of the state.

The document stipulates a number of restrictions and other measures, in particular:

  • in the period of the martial law powers of the President cannot be stopped. In the case that the term of office of the President expires during the state of war, he continues his work until the expiration of martial law;
  • introduced enhanced security features;
  • enterprises any form of ownership can be used for defense purposes;
  • force may be disposed private or municipal property;