In Kiev burned the car with diplomatic plates of Russia

In Kiev burned the car with diplomatic plates of Russia

A car with diplomatic plates of Russia burned during a rally near the building of the Russian Embassy in Kiev, said “Ukrainian truth”.


According to the correspondent of the newspaper, the car was set on fire in the alley near the house of Yaroslav Chamova 14a at a distance of 1 km from the building of the Russian Embassy. To the place of profit policemen and firemen who managed to extinguish the flames.

On the published photos show that the machine is fitted with registration plates 001 DP that belong to the vehicles of the Russian diplomatic missions, members of the diplomatic staff and career consular institutions.

As explained edition Stranaya on November 25 in front of the Russian Embassy in Kiev held a rally because of the situation in the Kerch Strait. In total, the Embassy gathered about 300 people. The building threw a few smoke bombs, then the security forces began to push people away from the Embassy.

On the eve of 25 November, the ships of the Ukrainian Navy “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” tried to commit a series of illegal actions in Russian territorial waters, reported TASS. The court did not respond to the requirements of the border service of FSB of Russia and the black sea fleet to stop and made dangerous manoeuvres.

As a result, the ships managed to hold. A criminal case on violation of Russian state border. After committing provocations passage for civilian vessels through the Kerch Strait has been temporarily closed. Traffic resumed early Monday morning, November 26.