Officers have calculated the debtor’s boastful photos in social networks

Officers have calculated the debtor’s boastful photos in social networks

The bailiffs of the Perm region was able to calculate the defaulter photos on the social network. This was reported on the website of the regional Board of the Federal bailiff service (UFSSP).


Owes 300 thousand rubles for the maintenance of the minor child and therefore was hiding from the bailiffs and was not at the place of permanent residence. Looking for his bailiff found in social networks defaulter fresh photo, where he was captured in the background at home in one of cottage settlements. In the comments, the debtor confirmed that it was in this house he now lives.

“The officer was able to determine which town the photographs of Amateur photo shoots”, — stated in the message of Department. Beadle traveled the entire village and found the house that was filmed and posted by the debtor in the social network.

“The hypothesis of the officials confirmed after the threshold of the house he was met by the defaulter,” notes on the Agency’s website.

As specified in UFSSP, in case the man does not repay the debt soon, it may be in the dock for evading the payment of alimony.

Employees of the collection service often used to the original ways to meet with shun contact debtors. So, in 2017, one of the bailiffs of the Kemerovo region opened a social network account on behalf of the young girl. Coming in contact with a man who owed about 200 thousand roubles of the alimony, the bailiff from the girl’s face suggested that he meet. The debtor was glad to meet you, however, admitted that he is in hospital and has limited movement. He willingly called “the girl” the address of the medical institution.