Named regions with the minimum and maximum unemployment

Named regions with the minimum and maximum unemployment

The unemployment rate in October rose to 4.7 percent from a record low of 4.5 percent in September, according to Rosstat.


The whole country is close to the natural level, but there are regions that are strongly beaten out from the General picture. So, in five subjects of the Russian Federation the unemployment rate several times higher than the national average, the difference between the regions with the lowest and the highest unemployment rate is 22 times.

The least problems with work, as usual, in Moscow (here the unemployed 1.2 percent), St. Petersburg (1,5), Moscow region (2,6), and in “mining” regions — Yamalo-Nenets (1,9) and Khanty-Mansiysk (2,2) Autonomous districts.

The highest unemployment in the country in Ingushetia (26.3 percent), Chechnya (13,5), Tuva (12,3), Altai Republic (11,2), Dagestan (10,6), Karachay-Cherkessia (10,4) and Zabaykalsky Krai (10,1).

We are talking about the unemployment rate calculated by ILO methodology — through a survey of residents of the country aged 15 to 72 years, who answered the question whether they have a job, and if not, whether they are ready immediately to start. The number of people standing on the account in employment services, 5.7 times lower than the General unemployment — 631 thousand at the end of October, which is 2.7 percent less than in September and are 10.7 percent lower than in October last year.