WSJ: Soros Fund called for the supervision of Congress over Facebook in attempts to discredit

WSJ: Soros Fund called for the supervision of Congress over Facebook in attempts to discredit

NEW YORK, November 23. /TASS/. The Fund “open society” the financier George Soros has proposed to the U.S. Congress established oversight of the Corporation Facebook for hiring consulting firm Definers Public Affairs, attempted to discredit critics of the Corporation, including the billionaire.


This was reported on Thursday on its website, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The publication asked the official representative of the “Open society” Patrick Gaspard to comment on the decision by the outgoing Vice-President of Facebook for public communications Elliot Shrage to take responsibility for hiring Definers Public Affairs.

CHRAJ admitted that the Corporation had asked the company “to do the work associated with competitors,” noting, however, that a request to create or distribute false news Corporation to it is not treated.

“So, Facebook decides to ruin thanksgiving, recognizing that the Corporation’s management has set the task Definers to demonize George Soros for what he publicly criticized their out-of-control business. Sorry, but this requires independent oversight by Congress,” said Gaspard in a message to an email obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the representative of Fund “open society” “proudly sponsors a number of organizations concerned about the power of platforms, the scale of misinformation and spreading fabricated news.” “Some of these organizations joined the campaign “Freedom from Facebook”, although the Fund does not pay them for it,” he added.

Soros is the founder and head of hedge Fund Soros Fund Management and one of the richest men in the world. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is about $25 billion.

On 15 November the newspaper the New York Times reported that Facebook cooperated with the Definers Public Affairs, which had placed the critical articles about Google and Apple related news online. According to the newspaper, Facebook hired Definers to track dedicated to the Corporation of the articles but expanded the firm in light of the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. Besides, as wrote the edition, Definers Public Affairs also tried to discredit people who spoke against Facebook, in particular Soros, who in January said that Google and Facebook have cornered the market, impede innovation and create a dependency on services that they offer.