Appeared the first images of “travel” Petrov and Bashirova in Salisbury

Appeared the first images of “travel” Petrov and Bashirova in Salisbury

The police of London published the first three videos from the surveillance cameras of Salisbury, which recorded the movements of suspects in the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. This is stated on the website of the police Department.


The report stated that currently, a key area of investigation is the establishment of the place in which was left a perfume bottle Nina Ricci with nerve substance of the Novice class after poisoning Skrobala March 4, 2018. It is noted that the police is still unknown how he ended up in a dumpster, where on June 27 he was spotted by a British Charlie Rowley and his girlfriend dawn Sturgess, late deceased from the poison.

Scotland Yard called on all citizens who witnessed the movement of suspected poisoning Skipala and saw a fake bottle, to give evidence and help the investigation.

“We remain determined to identify and punish those who committed these reckless actions, leaving four people seriously ill and, unfortunately, killing dawn Sturgess,” said Scotland Yard.

5 September the United Kingdom announced the names of Russians suspected of poisoning Skipala — Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. September 13 was published their interview with RT chief editor Margarita Simonyan, in which the Russians stated that they visited the UK as tourists and denied all charges.

According to the version of Bellingcat and the publication of The Insider, Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov — the staff of Russian intelligence, but their names are not real. According to the investigation, Bashirov — GRU Colonel Anatoly Chapiha, which in 2014 was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Petrov is actually a military doctor, an employee of the GRU Alexander Mishkin.