The investigation Skripal remaining “Newcomer” could poison thousands of people

The investigation Skripal remaining “Newcomer” could poison thousands of people

Nerve substances remaining in the bottle in Salisbury, would be enough to poison several thousand people, said Bi-bi-si, the police officer Dean Haydon, leading the investigation into the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal.


In an interview for the program bi-Bi-si “Panorama” Haydon showed an exact copy of the bottle with poison gas.

It is the counterfeit bottle with label Nina Ricci, which the British Charlie Rowley picked up in the Park in Salisbury in June 2018. He then gave it to his friend don Sturgess, believing that there are spirits. Both were hospitalized on 30 June from their home in the nearby town of Amesbury but doctors were unable to save the woman. Rowley has now discharged from the hospital.

“As you can see, the size of the bottle is very small. She had a sealed cap, which contained a “Newbie”. The attackers opened the container, stuck the dispenser, and then the top is placed the sprinkler,” explained Haydon.

According to British police, the bottle was designed to be easy to carry through airport security, and then to collect and use without risk to the health of the perpetrators of the poisoning.

“When we found the bottle, there remained a significant number of “Beginner”,” said Haydon. On specifying question of the correspondent Bi-bi-si, the officer replied that the matter would be enough to poison several thousand people.

“It’s hard to say exactly, but probably several thousand. It is very likely. The amount of [substance] in the bottle and the method by which he inflicted on the house Skripal, was absolutely reckless”, — said the head of the investigation.

Yulia and Sergei Skripal was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance “Rookie” on March 4, 2018.

British prosecutors have accused of poisoning Russian citizens traveling on passports in the name of Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. While the British authorities believe that these are not real names, and referred to the attackers officers of the GRU.