The worker got 10 years in prison for assigned class in the certificate

The worker got 10 years in prison for assigned class in the certificate

The Greece Prosecutor’s office became interested in the case of the cleaners, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for forgery of the certificate about school education. It is reported by the Athens news Agency.


According to the materials of the case, the woman was charged in connection with the fact that she “added” an extra class to their school certificate. Forged document that was provided over six classes instead of five, in 1996, she was able to participate in the competition for the position of janitor at the school in the Greek city of Volos (Βόλος). For this work she received a salary for 20 years.

53-year-old woman explained that he decided to forgery due to the lack of funds and the need to support a family: several children and a disabled husband.

After learning about the fraud, the city court of first instance sentenced her to 15 years in prison, accused of fraud and causing damage to the state on 120 thousand euros. Subsequently, the court of appeal reduced her prison term to 10 years. “Criminal” was brought to serve his sentence in the prison of the city of Thebes.

The court’s decision caused a major stir in Greece. Social organizations protested too severe punishment for women, a crime which is not a threat and was motivated by the difficult financial situation. The chief Prosecutor of Greece Areopagus of kseni Demetriou demanded the court documents to begin the process of revocation. It will also consider the possibility of disciplinary punishment of judges.