Golikova called the effective way to increase the birth rate

Golikova called the effective way to increase the birth rate

Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Tatyana Golikova called effective way to increase the birth rate in Russia. She spoke about it on “a Business Breakfast” in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.


Golikova noted that the demographic statistics are a cause for concern, as the birth rate in the country continues to fall due to the “consequences of the historical period”.

According to her, the main motivation for having children should be affordable properties. “When you have an apartment, the family feels safer and more confident. Clearly, as soon as the topic of housing, there is the theme of the mortgage — it is effective or not,” she acknowledged.

Deputy Prime Minister said that the mortgage raises many questions — the need to regularly pay dues may be the reason that the Russians begin to postpone the birth of children, and “then desire does not arise”.

At the end he thanked the Russians for the fact that they “still give birth to more than in Europe.” “I must say thank you to our women and families that they, despite the difficulties, give birth to children. It is very important that we have a priority for the Patriarchal, traditional family,” she concluded.

In November, the member of the Federation Council Tatiana Kusano accused the Russians in the fertility decline. In her opinion, this phenomenon is due to the fact that women do not want to use their “physiological range”.

In October it was reported that the Russian government intends to deal with the increasing age of women at birth of first child. The labour Ministry explained that the planned analysis of the effectiveness of monthly payments in connection with the birth of the first child of the parent capital and subsidizing mortgage rates.