In Britain, returned to owners of the puppy who bit a policeman

In Britain, returned to owners of the puppy who bit a policeman

MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. British law enforcement agencies returned to the owners of puppy Chow, placed in a kennel for up to nine months for biting a police officer, said police and Northamptonshire.


“The dog breed Chow-Chow, which was confiscated by the police based on the Law on dangerous dogs (Dangerous Dogs Act) after twice bitten a police officer returned to owners — said in a statement to the police.

I love this dog #bungle glad he is home ???

— Nic (@NickyNac) November 22, 2018

Earlier, the Sun newspaper reported that the puppy was placed in a kennel after he twice bit the guard’s hand. According to the newspaper, a police officer tried to get the dog from under the car, where I hid a lost pet. Puppy owners are not informed about his whereabouts and the couple was forced to hire lawyers to fight for the liberation of the pet.

Nine months for copper Bungle after nipping talk about injustice

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According to British media reports, after the incident on the Internet started the campaign for the release of the puppy. The activists condemned the “callous and draconian measures” of the police and demanded “justice” “return the detainee puppy with his family.”

@NptonPolice #FreeBungle real criminals have been locked up for less for serious crimes.Police officers fault for cornering him. How would you feel if you were cornered by strangers? #Bungle was scared. Get him back home to his family Tax payers money being used to keep him caged

— Stacey Lucas (@Stacey_JL) November 22, 2018