The police officer examining a building Skripal: “we lost everything!”

The police officer examining a building Skripal: “we lost everything!”

Bi-bi-si for the first time managed to talk to a police Sergeant Nick Bailey. He first inspected the house Sergei Skripal March 4, after which he was hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning. Then traces of the “Beginner” found on a lot of things in his house.


Bailey said that he conducted the first inspection of the house Skrobala in a protective suit and does not know how and at what point in contact with the “Newbie”.

“I don’t know how it was. Maybe [Novichok] has penetrated through the gloves. Maybe it happened when I corrected a respirator or goggles when I was in the house and the substance was already on my arm,” says Bailey.

At the time of inspection Skripal Sergeant did not know that the original “Pledge” was printed on the door handle.

“I have long tried to understand what I did wrong, what mistake led me to this result [poisoning — approx. Bi-bi-si]. It was important for me to understand that I did everything right,” adds Bailey.

A police officer told Bi-bi-si, that felt bad pretty quickly. By the time he left the house Skripal and began to take off the suit, the Sergeant felt a high fever.

“My pupils are like pin head. I was hot, I was sweating. At the time I chalked it up to fatigue,” says Bailey.

The next morning, the police became much worse.

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“Everything was shaking. I am very unsteadily stood on the feet. Sweating is not only the forehead, and back. My whole body was expired then,” says the Sergeant, struggling to find the words.

When Bailey said that in his blood discovered a “Newbie”, he was terrified.