Disclosed is hidden on a playing card optical illusion

Disclosed is hidden on a playing card optical illusion

A Twitter user under the nickname PinketyPlink drew attention to the figure, which you can see diamonds on the top eight. His post gained hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets in a few days.


According to PinketyPlink, on a white background between the red diamonds depict the figure eight. “How old were you when you first saw the eight in the distance between the symbols of the suit?” — he turned to the subscribers.

What age were you when you first saw the 8 in the middle of the 8 of diamonds? ? pic.twitter.com/GjRLkyl7Vu

— Plink (@PlinketyPlink) November 17, 2018

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Hundreds of social network users said that they had not noticed this optical illusion. “Damn! I just now found out about it. But after three months and two days I will be 67,” said user Salman Rashid. Another commenter said that he had played cards all his life and never paid attention to it.

Some users complained that they were unable to see a mysterious figure on the map. For help they just arrived the other authors who posted pictures, which are eight on the map circled. Also there were those for whom the information was not news.

In August, a girl under the nickname @kay_dera launched a new flash mob demonstrating on his Twitter page trick, changing hands. For two days the movie has collected three million views and 30 thousand posts and 80 thousand comments. Other users have decided to repeat the stunt girls on their pages in social networks.