Russia regrets that SWIFT cut off of Iran from the system

Russia regrets that SWIFT cut off of Iran from the system

MOSCOW, 22 Nov — RIA Novosti. Moscow regrets that SWIFT, submitting illegitimate U.S. sanctions have cut off Iran from the system, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.


“We regret that located in Brussels, the society for worldwide interbank financial communication channels — SWIFT obeyed illegitimate anti-Iran sanctions by the administration (Donald) trump in November and reportedly shut down several banks and credit institutions of Iran, including the Central Bank of this state, from using the shared system for transmitting financial messages,” she said.

SWIFT previously reported that suspends the access of Iranian banks to the system exchange data.

The decision was made on the backdrop of US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and restore their sanctions against Iran.

SWIFT — international interbank transfer system information and make payments. Its cofounders are 248 banks from 19 countries.

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