Bloomberg reported the details of the work of the structures of Prigogine in Africa

Bloomberg reported the details of the work of the structures of Prigogine in Africa

Structure businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who the US accuses of meddling in a presidential election, seeking to “spread Russian influence” on the African continent, writes Bloomberg, citing unnamed interlocutors.


Two interviewee argued that Prigogine structures offer services for the security, weapons and political counseling to the leadership of African States in exchange for the right of mining and other opportunities.

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According to the Agency, activities of Prigogine can cover ten countries, cooperating with the Russian military. This is the Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sudan, Libya, Madagascar, Angola, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

According to one source, spin doctors Prigogine participated in the election campaign of the current President of Zimbabwe Emmerson of Mnangagwa. Now, according to the interviewees Bloomberg, Prigogine seeks to expand its influence in neighbouring Central African Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo, rich in minerals. In December in this country will have presidential elections. As said the Agency an unnamed Western official, before the election, the incumbent President of the DRC Joseph Kabila has begun negotiations with Russia to supply arms and provide military assistance. The Embassy of the DRC in Moscow by Bloomberg said that Russia has not supplied weapons to the country, and also denied reports about the alleged active participation of the Russians in the preparations for the elections.

As Bloomberg claims, interests Prigogine also cover Madagascar is a country with large deposits of Nickel, cobalt and uranium and the world’s largest producer of vanilla. According to the Agency, in this country the work of Russian political consultants. According to Western officials, he is also aware of the presence of Russians in Guinea, which is the largest suppliers of bauxite for Russian aluminium producer UC Rusal.

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Prigogine did not respond to requests by Bloomberg for comment sent to his company “Concord catering”. Officials in these countries did not comment on the information.

Earlier, the American NGO, Security Council Report has published a report on the official Russian mission to the military business in the CAR. The report was published after July 30, in the CAR were killed three Russian journalists Orkhan Jemal, Kirill Radchenko and Alexander Rastorguev, who shot for the control Center investigation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a film about “Russian mercenaries” from the “private military company (PMC) Wagner”, to which Prigogine denies. The document became the subject of study of the group of experts of the United Nations. The Russian side gave the UN a detailed report on the distribution of weapons between the security forces and the number of courses.

The murder of Russian journalists in ЦАР28, sentyabrsky: Killed in CAR Orkhan Jemal investigated the supply of Russian weapons ЧВК20 cantabrigiense: poisoning Peter Verzilova due to the death of journalists in ЦАР4 of sentyabrsky questioned the driver killed in CAR of Russian journalists

Eugene Prigozhin, is the owner of the company “Concord”, which owns restaurants and company catering service “Concord catering”. The company and its structure many times fed the guests at the main reception in the Kremlin, including at the inauguration of the President of Russia. Prigogine personally catered Lunches and dinners of Vladimir Putin with world leaders in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Putin in March in an interview with NBC News on a question about Prigogine stated that he knew “such a person”, but would not consider it one of his friends.

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Earlier, the US justice Department has accused Prigogine, a group of “Concord” and the Agency Internet investigation known as a “Troll factory”, meddling in the US presidential election 2016 and included in the sanctions list. Prigogine himself the charges against him rejects. PMC Wagner was included in the sanctions list, according to the law “On combating the enemies of America.”

In November Prigogine attended the meeting of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, commander of the National Army of Libya, the Caliph Haftarot. As explained by military-diplomatic sources “RIA Novosti news Agency” TASS, Prigogine as a caterer to provide lunch at the meeting. Company Prigogine for several years signed contracts with the defense Ministry for the supply of power.

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