“Yellow jackets” against the government of France

“Yellow jackets” against the government of France

Movement that emerged in the social networks went offline.


Weekend regular life of France blew up a storm of protest, which was attended by about 288 thousand people, 2 thousand settlements across the country. Citizens protesting against the increase in taxes on fuel and other unpopular measures of the government. Summary of the Sabbath — one dead and 408 injured, including 14 seriously wounded. On Sunday, the tension has somewhat decreased, but many roads were still blocked by protesters. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexei Tarkhanov.

On Saturday morning, thousands of protesters gathered in the center of Paris, on the Concorde and on the Champs Elysees. The capital of France feared pogroms, which willingly surrender to the demonstrators and joined them members of extremist groups. The more that the audience had no plan of manifestation, nor an agreed time.

The police have long intervened, limited to those that tried to divide the crowd into groups that are easier to control. The day the crowd broke through the cordon and broke into the guarded Paris Rue du Faubourg-Saint-honoré to the gate of the presidential Palace. Police could only helplessly watch the festivities under the Palace fence, the cries of “macron, resign”! But after some time regrouping, the police came to the aid of the gendarmerie pushed the protesters back to the square.

In clashes across the country have already suffered 408 people, 14 of them were seriously injured.

Several times the police had to disperse the pickets with tear gas, as, for example, the Montblanc tunnel, which tried to block the demonstrators. But more often she had to intervene in clashes between demonstrators and the same fellow citizens who had the misfortune to sit behind the wheel of the car, when around a hive mind is disturbed. The only time the victim of the demonstrations have died that way. In the Savoie Department, an elderly woman fell under the wheels of a car that tried to avoid the picket. The woman driver was in a hurry to take my daughter to the doctor, panicked and hit the gas. She was arrested for manslaughter, but the question of who is to blame for the incident, it is not so easy to answer.

Yesterday the Minister of internal Affairs Christophe Castaner summed up the first results of the riots. In the demonstrations that took place 2 thousand settlements across the country, attended by no less than 287 710 people. Media reported that the clashes injured about a dozen police officers and gendarmes, detained 117 people, 75 of them in custody.

The protesters are protesting against the deterioration of life in the country. It is not the lumpen, not the “rascals from the suburbs”, as in his time spoke of President Nicolas Sarkozy, and wide sections of the working people — workers, employees, village officials, small businessmen and pensioners. The last straw was raising taxes on gasoline, in which gasoline prices from January 1, will increase by 2.9 cents for diesel fuel — by 6.5 cents per litre. For 2018, these rates have steadily increased, petrol price increased in total by 15% and diesel by 23%.

Government urges protesters to think about the importance of environmental measures, explains what will charges are, but they don’t want to hear it.

The news about the increase in taxes caused an explosion of discontent and even due to the fact that she was accompanied by another: machines with diesel fuel and cars older than 15 years will be restricted in their movements or even prohibited. People professional life which for many years was connected with the car, found that they need to buy new cars and pay more for their gas station.

Their discontent is expressed in numbers the decline in the popularity of the President and the Prime Minister. A survey conducted by the Institute Ifop for the Journal de Dimanche showed that only 25% of respondents approve of the actions of Emmanuel Macron and 34% support the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

This discontent had been accumulating for a long time, and in the beginning of October in France born movement “yellow jackets” is this reflective of clothes worn by French drivers. This movement has become a classic “cibersexoporcam” planned and developed in social networks. No trade Union, no political party, no politician was involved in the organization and not tried to lead the unrest began. In this regard, it is very difficult to identify, control and extinguish, because even its active participants find it difficult to say what they want, in addition to “better.”

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