The defense Ministry showed video of the flight, the su-57 in combat in Syria

The defense Ministry showed video of the flight, the su-57 in combat in Syria

Moscow. 19 Nov. INTERFAX.RU on Monday the defense Ministry for the first time released footage of the combat operation, the su-57 in Syria.

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Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 was carried out in Syria more than a dozen flights in a real combat situation, said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

“The flights were carried out to confirm the stated features of the newest aircraft in a real combat situation. The crews of the su-57 was completed more than 10 flights in Syria,” — said in the defense Ministry.

“During the flights were in practice checked flight performance of the aircraft, intelligent information-control complex, operation of all onboard systems, including complex weapons, in conditions of high temperatures, complex underlying surface and other factors”, — said the Agency.

The newsIn the US, considered a fake and propaganda rocket launch, su-57 in Syria

In February 2018, it was reported that ten prototypes su-57 (PAK FA) Russian military transferred to the state tests. Informed sources said that two su-57 was relocated to Syria.

On 1 March, the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that two Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 were in Syria two days and in that time have successfully passed military testing and then returned home. According to the Minister, the work of the su-57 in Syria, accompanied the aircraft-laboratories and the aircraft that monitored all the parameters of the weapons.