It remains only a dream: that ruined Evgeniya Osina

It remains only a dream: that ruined Evgeniya Osina

Moscow says goodbye to his singer.


At the end of the 1980s, it promised to be a big star — his voice was heard from Moscow every evening, switching on the city’s TV channel (in those days considered — and the former is much more modern and progressive than the Central, still retained the patina of the Soviet style of presentation). The song “Bravo”, the singer then worked Zhenya Osin opened stream, and the words “Hey, Hey — don’t spare diamonds” was familiar, it seems that everyone, from small to large. Then followed one solo hit — is the “Girl in the machine”, which came from the yard of the folklore (and from a big poetry — the original text wrote when-that Andrey Voznesensky), and returned in the present national folklore.

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And then, after a couple years of success to two decades of neglect, changed the references in the scandalous chronicle and obsasyvanie details pursuing the singer’s misfortunes. However, fate was somehow merciful to the man whose talent was almost lost for pursuing his offensive and, alas, so prevalent in the creative fields the illness.

Has not made the heart — November 17, 2018 Evgeny Osin was found dead in his apartment.

“News” think of the musician who could take a place at the top of the pop Olympus — but failed.

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A victim of circumstances

Show business is a very hard job; the temptations are many, and most of them are able to ruin even the most talented artist for a few years. And even if one manages to overcome the notorious “curse of 27 years”, not the fact that will be able to live happily to the age of mystical Jagger and Richards. The examples are innumerable — from the great how died at the age of 42 Elvis, to a small — but undoubtedly gifted genuine talent. Such, what was Zhenya Osin.

The cause of his death in the next few days will procrastinate on a variety of television shows and tabloids on the Internet; we will refrain from further details.

Yes, the last years of his life in Aspen had problems with alcohol — at times terrible. He tried to heal, but without much success. However, the “party” was mostly confined to the hypocritical words of sympathy.

Health of the singer did not survive — naughty heart, paralyzed legs; in an interview, he complained that he could not even sit…

Perhaps there was still hope for salvation — but without unnecessary media hysteria and disgust narcissism in the background of someone else’s misfortune.

But the fact and that the ocean was much more his image as a funny guy with a guitar, forever stuck in the 1970s, the singer’s tears and lipstick — both as a musician and as a creative person. In the coming days all will be remembered for his major hit, but not only the three chords of “Girls” was limited to the range of his interests in the stage.

In the late 1980s, aspen was the drummer of “Alliance” and “Night Avenue” is perhaps the most aesthetically Metropolitan teams during perestroika.

“Bravo” he was invited when he was the vocalist of the band “Santa Claus”, who worked in Stas Namin’s Center — despite the comical name, the team played quite intricate and serious (from a professional point of view) music. In Bravo, however, aspen did not last long — as it was rumored, all for the same reasons that subsequently ruined his career. Surprisingly, the singer, appeared on the scene almost comical macho 19 years was a staunch vegetarian — long before the rejection of animal foods has become common place in the Bohemian environment.

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In between his brief solo fame, the singer organized a group of “avalon”, playing a sophisticated blend of all musical styles, from jazz-rock to heavy metal — but at that time on the scene ruled the roost works in the style of “two kick”, so the album “avalon” went unnoticed.

The rise and fall of

Osin obviously tried to adapt to the circumstances and playing on the wave of nostalgia for favorite they the 1970s and the last decade of the twentieth century in a sense, passed to many of his songs. In 1996, he took part in the famous pre-election round “vote or will lose”; the famous photo of the dancers on stage, Boris Yeltsin did during his speech in Aspen.

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Ironic that the singer, do not fit into the song is simply removed from the frame — exactly as the photographer for the Associated Press and won the Pulitzer prize. Soon began to feel that life itself has decided to cut the singer, leaving him outside the frame.

He continued to write songs, flatly refusing that his situation was perhaps a symptom of the real creative courage — to perform at weddings and corporate parties.

“I hate to sing in front of so-called masters of life. All my songs can be compared with the domestic songs to the guitar. These things touch, because it’s written from the heart. Now so many corrupt people writing in the order. All their writings about anything, just rhyming phrase. My songs may not be very competent, but they are real,” he said in one rare interview then.

New records did not sell, the concerts were moved to the clubs, but he continued to love — it is no exaggeration to say that the audience changed the entire nation.

The girl continued to sing under a guitar teenagers, gadelshina starissime singer in the sons, and “Portrait of Pablo Picasso”, generally performed once the “Jolly fellows” (by the way, the text put to the music of Wladyslaw szpilman, the Polish musician — Oscar-winning film “the Pianist” that’s about it) for most of those born after 1991 are generally only associated with a Wasp.

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Someone he seemed to be just an ex-rocker, move on to the stage and not taken out of tension. In fact, perhaps, Evgeny Osin was one of the last romantics of the local scene, somewhere halfway from Valery obodzinsky to Konstantin Belyaev. Today, alas, with us no one left of them. Remained, like a dream of the hero of “Portrait” songs, and now they heard not only the bravado and irony, but real human pain. Aspen loved Moscow; but today, perhaps, it mourns not only the capital, but also countless provincial towns, for thousands of boys of which this native Muscovite was in his Board guy. Perhaps it should be called “people’s artist”. Goodbye, Eugene. We will cry.

Vladislav Krylov