The date and place of burial of Eugene Osina

The date and place of burial of Eugene Osina

The funeral of Russian singer Evgeny Osin, in advance, will be held November 20 at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow. Such information to the TV channel REN TV was provided by the producer Andrey Razin.


On the death of Aspen became known on Saturday, November 17. The musician died at the age of 54 years in his apartment in Moscow from heart failure. According to some, during the week he drank alcohol.

The body of the actor found his sister Albina. Before that ocean day was not out on bond.

According to a leading Dana Borisova, which helped the artist to struggle with alcoholism, Osin became a victim to his pride.

Evgeny Osin was born in Moscow on 4 October 1964. He is the author of the famous hits of the 1990s- “Crying girl in the machine”, “Eighth of March”, “Tanya plus Volodya” and others.

In 2000-e years, aspen has starred on television in music projects, working with young performers, but the former glory he has to reach. The singer started having problems with alcohol. Doctors put the diagnosis: hepatitis. In the spring of 2018, he has damaged in an accident the arm and leg.