Photo in a million: the guy took off the sneezing reindeer.

Photo in a million: the guy took off the sneezing reindeer.

The picture became viral.


19-year-old British student took a picture in the Park”, Bridgat” in Leicestershire a unique deer-albino at the time when he sneezed.

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Publication of Oban van Schie (@oban_van_schie) 26 Sep 2018 12:13 PDT

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Funny photo instantly spread in social networks and gathered a lot of comments.

A good frame guy named Oban called one in a million. It is not only sneezing, but also that the deer are albino are born approximately every 20 thousand. These animals lack the enzyme tyrosinase. It is necessary for the synthesis of melanin which determines the color of the fabrics. Animals with albinism are very sensitive to sunlight.

Parents gave the guy a camera and some lenses of 20 years ago. He went to practice and almost immediately caught in the lens of a rare animal.

As told to Oban, he crept up to the deer at a distance of about ten meters. Animals not seen him and was not afraid.

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