There was a video from the crash site of the F-35B

There was a video from the crash site of the F-35B

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. The video of the alleged crash site the latest fifth generation fighter F-35B in the state of South Carolina appeared in social networks.


Entry was posted in Twitter account Breaking News Aviation, specializing in aviation subjects. The survey was conducted from the opposite Bank of the pond, where the incident occurred. Over the earth rises black smoke, in the comments to the video States that the scene is recorded an hour after the disaster.

The scene one hour after a military plane crash five miles outside the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort. According to several news reports, the crash involved an F-35B

— Breaking Aviation News (@breakingavnews) September 28, 2018

Earlier it was reported that at about 11.45 am (18.45 GMT) on Friday during a training flight in South Carolina crashed the latest fifth generation fighter F-35B. The pilot was rescued by a bailout, other victims were not. CNN TV channel with reference to the representative of the Pentagon reported that this is the first ever aircraft disaster.

Program for the creation of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II has already cost about half a trillion dollars, the most expensive program of weapons production in history. Developers are faced with numerous problems, spent hundreds of billions of dollars more than planned, and was late with the introduction of the aircraft into operation for at least seven years.

The cost of building one F-35 is estimated at $ 150 million, and the cost of an hour of its flight is 35 thousand dollars.