Fish acid colors was named in honor of Aphrodite

Fish acid colors was named in honor of Aphrodite

New species found in Brazilian coral reefs.


California scientists have described a new species of fish pink and yellow color with light green fins suddenly bright inhabitant of coral reefs found in the Atlantic, but its nearest relatives live in the Pacific ocean. The species was named Tosanoides Aphrodite, after the Greek goddess Aphrodite. About the study published in the journal Zookeys, says the California Academy of Sciences.

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The fish found on the reefs of an uninhabited archipelago of Sao Paulo, about 950 kilometers from the coast of Brazil is its only known habitat. “This is one of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. She was so bewitching that we didn’t pay attention to anything more,” said curator of fishes at the Academy of Luis Rocha (Luiz Rocha), quoted by the press service of the organization.

Fish found at a depth of about 120 meters in the so-called “twilight zone” of coral reefs. According to co-author Hudson, Piñero, fish that live in this part of the reef, often pink or red, because red light does not reach these depths, and the fish almost invisible. Yellow-pink color with bright green fins is characteristic of males of this species, the females are dark orange.

The analysis of the external characteristics of fish and its DNA in the lab have shown that this new representative of the genus Tosanoides, which is still found only in the Pacific — in particular, to the same genus belongs the Hawaiian fish Tosanoides obama, named in honor of former President Barack Obama.

The new species was named Tosanoides Aphrodite, after the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.

In addition, the report says the Academy, collecting fish for further study, divers have not noticed, as to him closely swam shark-shestigrannik — this moment was caught on video.

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In early September, an international team of zoologists has announced that it has discovered three new species lipanovich of fish in Atabasca the trench at a depth of 7.5 kilometers. Leprosie fish, also known as sea slugs, are among the deep-sea record and are found in all oceans of the planet.

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