Decrypted the mysterious Egyptian writing

Decrypted the mysterious Egyptian writing

Scientists of the University of Strasbourg (France) deciphered Egyptian text, which reaches more than 1300 years. It turned out that the papyrus was written in the spell used to create strong loving bonds. This publication reports Science Alert.


“Magic recipe” is an image of two bird-like creatures who look at each other. The top and bottom of the picture is the text, written in Coptic, which was spoken in Hellenistic Egypt, and its alphabet is based on Greek writing system. The researchers compared the papyrus with other similar artifacts, and came to the conclusion that birds symbolize man and woman in a romantic context.

According to researchers, the spell was intended to help to unite those who already love each other, and to protect their feelings. However, there are other possible interpretations. So, two birds can be demons who are trying to manipulate the man.

In August of 2018, it was reported that on the fragments of the sarcophagus of the ancient Egyptian mummies stored in the Museum of Stanford University, were found fragments of the text not previously seen by scientists. The researchers were able to decipher the name of the woman that owned the remains, and part of the inscription, which turned out to be epitaph.