Us sanctions have forced Iran to use the tankers ghosts

Us sanctions have forced Iran to use the tankers ghosts

In terms of economic pressure Iran back to the tactics of secret sales of oil abroad. About this newspaper the Financial Times.


According to the newspaper, oil tankers continued to move away from the coast of Iran. However, the tracking system is disabled, and therefore their way cannot be tracked. Currently at least seven such ships with secret cargo.

As reported by Matt Smith, Director of Clipper Data that tracks the movement of such ships, the tanker Happiness 1 switched off his transmitter on 16 September. “We have seen it many times in the past when Iran’s economy was under the pressure of sanctions. Now we see the same thing, Tehran is again moved to secret oil sales,” he notes.

The official representatives of Iran have not commented on the situation.

Due to the announcement of the US about the upcoming sanctions against Iran’s oil export has decreased by 500 thousand barrels per day. A number of countries refused to buy Iranian oil, China and India have significantly reduced their volume.

Sanctions against Iran were renewed U.S. in August of this year. In addition to a number of trade restrictions, they do contain a prohibition to issue sovereign Eurobonds and conduct significant transactions in local currency, the Riyal using the foreign accounts.

All these prohibitions have acted earlier, but were suspended in 2015 as part of the agreement on the nuclear deal between Tehran and the six countries-mediators: the USA, Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK. In may 2018 the US President Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the transaction unilaterally. None of the parties to the transaction did not support it.