People with weird names EN masse to complain on Twitter

People with weird names EN masse to complain on Twitter

Just a few are able to correctly pronounce their names.


In the endless flow of information and a variety of topics, one remains consistently relevant. Theme names.

In mid-September in the Russian-speaking Twitter has another burning post about how hard life is for people with unusual names and how they are called by others.

A Twitter user under the nickname lil sharky, which in real life name is Izabela, shared in social networks sore. And her pain was familiar to many. Comments began to write about their unusual names and how they distort the surrounding.

My name is Izabela. Usually people find it difficult the first time to understand and to pronounce the name, so they call me famous for them: Ingeborga, Isabella, etc.
I really hate this, but yesterday an acquaintance of the family during a conversation with my mother gave absolutely impossible: ERRIBERA

— lil sharky (@archi_shark) 16 Sep 2018

Note that this is not the first similar post. In may, Twitter has also been a popular post about how people confuse or substitute other names for “more correct”.

My name is Alexandria, but I hate him, when asked: “Alexandria? Maybe Alexander?”
Sasha. just Sasha.

— decanter Cairns | 8 (@gggshyy) 16 Sep 2018

I remembered how people called me. Actually, I’m Rina, but people manage to call me Riga Arina, Jerusalem and Erena. Here, seriously. And it’s not T9. I was called a pancake, in real life. It would seem that the four letters only, but so many mistakes.

Forest the hedgehog.? (@CTpyrOIaLMbr1VF) 17 Sep 2018

My name is Vita. Full name Vitalina, but in all documents I Vita. And when I submitted the marathon starts by guessing the name.
I was Rita, Vika, Veronica (!?), Violetta, Veta. Then for the name (man) called me Luda.

The name is only 4 letters. And all of them hard. AGH

— Modest bird. (@ShyNigthtingale) 16 Sep 2018

Oh, what a familiar situation… my name is Yesenia but people think that my name is Ksenia or Eugene:) Friends name is Senya, I like it, I enjoy it;)

— nancy li (@nancy_li2) 16 Sep 2018

Perhaps that is why when I’m on the passport Zlatoslava, fitness clubs, beauty salons and reserves tables at restaurants, I’m Golden-haired

Tatti (@zlato_slawa) 17 Sep 2018

What to say about the name of Iduberga, if people can’t even remember what Darin is not the Dasha (as Darina – bitterly resent), and Marina Masha
The name is very unusual and beautiful, it’s sad that people somehow believe that all should be called not by his name but by how it suits them

— Zan-the-worst-feca (@Zanzior) 17 Sep 2018