The commander of the Israeli air force reported to Moscow

The commander of the Israeli air force reported to Moscow

The commander of the Israeli air force to Amico Norkin met in Moscow with representatives of the command of the Russian air force at the death of the spy plane Il-20 over the Mediterranean sea. This is with reference to the press service of the Israeli army, reports TASS.


“At the meetings, the Israeli officers were presented to Russian colleagues report on the situation in which the Russian plane [Il-20] was shot down Monday night by Syrian air defenses, as well as the findings of an investigation conducted by the Israeli army,” — said in a communique.

The statement also said that the meeting went well, the parties agreed on the need to continue to coordinate their actions in Syria.

Norkin visited Moscow on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to provide the Russian side all the necessary information about the actions of the Israeli aviation day in the death of Il-20.

Reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 was shot down in the night of September 18, near the Mediterranean coast. At the same time, four Israeli F-16 fighter attacked Syrian targets on the territory of the province of Latakia (in this region are used Russian base Hamim). As they say in Moscow, Israeli planes under the guise of a Il-20, put it under attack by the Syrian air defense systems, resulting in aircraft with 15 persons aboard was destroyed.

The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu laid the blame for the incident on Israel, and the Israeli army — to Syria and operating in its territory, the Iranian military and Hezbollah. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his first comments on the incident called the death of the Il-20 “chain of tragic events”, and in a telephone conversation with Netanyahu stated that the incident resulted in the failure of the Russian-Israeli agreement on preventing dangerous incidents.