Irish pensioner dealt with the robbers with the help of a chair (video)

Irish pensioner dealt with the robbers with the help of a chair (video)

Just didn’t need to piss off grandpa.

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84-year-old Denise O’connor from the village of Glamour in the Irish County of cork became the local superhero. And all because he barehanded killed three young robbers, who, incidentally, were armed.

Criminals broke Saturday night at a local Sportsbook “Bar One Racing bookmakers”, which at that time was retired.

According to eyewitnesses, the robbers were not interested in small money from the cash register, they demanded to open the safe, wanting to take all the cash.

Two of the attackers were holding hammers, and the third had a shotgun, which he pointed at the old O’connor. The situation was critical, but after a couple of seconds, everything changed.

The pensioner grabbed a chair, which was his shield, and weapon, and began to cast out the criminals from the premises.

Using the fact that the robbers hesitated, Oconor started to help the Manager. In the end, after a few moments, the three criminals fled ignominiously.

Heroic Irish pensioner was caught on a video camera and was immediately spread by the world media and social networks, making grandpa’s famous.

At the moment, police are trying to determine the identity of the attackers, but to no avail.