A calf with two heads has survived, contrary to predictions (video)

A calf with two heads has survived, contrary to predictions (video)

He’s not going to give up.


Calf born with two noses and three eyes, has already lived a month. He will continue to fight for life.

Calf with two snouts three eyes and an extra half face defies the odds to survive in India https://t.co/ypg6hDTTmb

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) September 13, 2018.

The animal was born on August 10 in the village of Navalur located in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Farmers, having seen the newborn, were stunned: the calf was split face, two noses, three eyes, but one pair of ears and one mouth.

No one, including vets, did not expect that the animal will survive, said the owner of the calf, the farmer named Tagliato. However, the hosts took care of him and continue to do so now. Calf feeding from the teat five times a day. He is healthy and behaving normally. Every day somebody comes to see the miracle of nature.

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Polycephaly genetic disorder in animals. It occurs when the embryo begins to split into twins but the process for some reason stops. The result is an animal with two heads. Each animal head has its own brain. Animals with polycephaly rarely live longer than a few months.

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