100-year-old Briton revealed an unexpected secret of longevity

100-year-old Briton revealed an unexpected secret of longevity

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100-year-old man says key to long life is never skipping dessert https://t.co/DzCV0ogoTB

— Metro (@MetroUK) 13 Sep 2018

Hoping to live a full and long life, many people get rid of bad habits and begin to adhere to the principles of healthy eating. But what’s the point if life is not fun?

Former Baker Leslie Hayman from the town of Ilminster in the British County of Somerset knows the secret to a long and happy life. A man who Sep 12, turned 100 years old, I’m sure it’s all about the sweets.

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Despite his advanced age Leslie healthy and active, and he works on gardening, walks a lot and loves to eat. His main rule is never to skip dessert.

According to the pensioner, his most favorite sweets — Apple pie, sponge cake and chocolate brownies.

Leslie began helping in the family bakery when he was 12 years old. In 1939, he went to the front and went through the entire war. Returning home, he started a family business that is now developing his son and granddaughter.

The Hayman three children, five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. And his birthday he’s going to celebrate in the company of family and with a large number of branded sweets.

By the way, a similar philosophy of life and adheres to the 105-year-old American Helen Granger, which believes that all restrictions only ruin the lives and interfere with feeling happy.

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