The UK authorities responded to Putin’s statement on the “case Skrypalia”

The UK authorities responded to Putin’s statement on the “case Skrypalia”

The attempts of great Britain to the explanation in the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the English Salisbury Russia has always responded with deception and lies, and that Moscow’s position has not changed, said the representative of the Prime Minister Theresa may.


On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow knows the real identity of the two men, whom Britain has accused of the poisoning Skrobala. According to him, we are talking about civilians. “There is nothing special and is no crime”, — said the President.

Putin about Petrov and Bashirova: We certainly looked at what these people are. We know who they are, we found them. I hope that they will themselves and about themselves tell. There is nothing special and criminal, they are civil

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) September 12, 2018

“These men are officers of the Russian military intelligence, GRU. The government has revealed the role of GRU, his operatives and their methods, this position is supported by our international allies,” — said the press Secretary Mei journalists asked to comment on Putin’s words.

“We have repeatedly asked Russia to explain what happened in Salisbury in March, and they answered with deceit and lies. I don’t see anything that would suggest that now something has changed”, — concluded the representative of the Prime Minister.NewsPutin urged the suspects in the poisoning Skrobala to speak to the media

Skrypali was discovered unconscious in the British city of Salisbury in March. A week later, British Prime Minister Theresa may stated that they had been poisoned nervously-paralytic substance “Beginner”, developed in Russia, and accused Moscow of involvement in the incident.

United Kingdom 5 September announced that the suspects in the poisoning Skrobala entered the country under the name Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. London does not rule out that it aliases. British prosecutors said that the suspects are in Russia. Mei said that they belong to the “Russian military intelligence, known as GRU,” and that they received the order to “high level” of the Russian leadership. France, Germany, Canada and the United States supported the withdrawal of Britain that Skrobala poisoned GRU officers and that “this operation was almost certainly approved at the highest levels of government”. These countries urged Russia to ensure “full disclosure of the program to develop a “Newbie”.

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As poisoned Skrypali: version of the British authorities.