The transport Ministry wants to regulate parachute jumping in Russia. All traders will be outlawed

The transport Ministry wants to regulate parachute jumping in Russia. All traders will be outlawed

The government propose to prescribe in legislation the aviation skydiving. The transport Ministry wants to force to be responsible for parachutists aircraft owners.


On the idea of transport, the parachute jumps shall be assigned to the “aviation jobs”, and be responsible for the organization of flights with the jumps should be the operator (owner or lessee of the aircraft/helicopter). The latter will be obliged to prepare instructors and skydivers and to monitor the use of equipment for jumping.

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The Ministry of transport of Russia on 6 September completed public hearings on the draft order, which according to plan should become effective in October this year. The document will amend the part of the aviation regulations applicable in Russia. The most dramatic changes will affect parachuting.

“In the current version of the document, the operator (the owner of the plane) actually should be responsible for everything — from the level of training of parachutists, ending with packing parachutes. It is simply impossible. Under these conditions, the operator, whether airline or private owner of the ship, simply refuse to lease the aircraft. The operator is in principle not interested in dropping parachutists, it is concerned with the more profitable stories, — chemical works, air photography. The landing does not bring profits,” — says the Deputy head of the aviation sports club “Euroclassica” Alexey Alekhin.

Now the operator simply rents aircraft rent, and for the organization of a parachute jump meet organizations and federations.

According to Alekhine, the proposed transport measures will primarily hit private aviation clubs, who will not be able to rent for carrying of jumping planes. Later measures can affect the work of divisions DOSAAF, says the source.

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“Parachute organization DOSAAF for jumping actively involve civil aircraft that are not in the registry of the organization. Capacity is sometimes not enough. Now, for example, parachute competition in Tanay (the championship of Russia on parachuting, held in the Kemerovo region. — Note. “The storm”), along with the aircraft DOSAAF used in civil aircraft. After some time, the need for private vessels will increase, because the fleet of aircraft owned by the States belonging to the government, obsolete. And invest in the modernization of the state Board, the investors, of course, will not” — says the source.

In DOSAAF, on the contrary, said the “Storm” that do not use private boards, and added that the project of the Ministry of transport to work public-public cooperation does not affect.

The head of Federation of parachuting sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan Gayrat Manaev said the “Storm” that the proposed measure actually Ministry of transport reserves the right to make parachute jumps and military DOSAAF:

We (the parachuting Federation of Russia), please leave it as it was, to the admission to the flight dropping parachutists were in the military, and DOSAAF and civil.

He said that responses to the Ministry of transport was prepared by the Federation of parachute sports of Russia together with regional sports federations.

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In the Federation of parachute sports of Russia “Storm” confirmed that the prepared response proposals to the Ministry of transport.

Now in the country, according to the chief aviation-sports club “Aeroclassics”, there are about 600 thousand parachute jumps per year.