The US lost a combat drone over Spain

The US lost a combat drone over Spain

American strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk crashed in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Spain. It happened on June 26, however, disclosure of this information is not indulged, according to the American edition of the Drive.


According to him, to request of the journalists the fact of the death of Drona, in fact, hiding the command Military-air forces of the USA. As noted, this can be done because of the technologies that may be of value to other countries, even if the drone is damaged.

To date, the crash site had been found, and the device raised to the surface and delivered to the naval base Rota. Then it needs to send to the US. What happened with the drone, not reported. As stated by the representative of the Centre for security, U.S. air force Josh Aycock, the causes of the incident are being investigated.

Thus over a year the US lost two RQ-4 Global Hawk, writes The Drive. Until now, this drone crashed in the California desert on 21 June 2017.