“With every year comes less and less people”

“With every year comes less and less people”

In Beslan and Moscow commemorated the victims of the attack.


In North Ossetia and Moscow held mourning events dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the tragedy in Beslan. Then, as a result of capture by terrorists of school building with those on its territory for both adults and children (a total of 1128 people) and fight while held on the third day of the operation to free school killed 334 people, 186 of them children.

The events in Beslan began on 1 September, in 9 hours and 15 minutes, exactly at the time when 32 terrorists began to drive the audience to a line of schoolchildren, their parents and teachers in the gym. This moment marked the laying of flowers: people from all over North Ossetia went to the gym, passed along the stands with photographs of the victims and lit candles.

In the main building of the school, which hosted the most violent clashes between the police and militants, access for visitors is closed for several years. The building is in disrepair and could collapse at any moment.

However, the most desperate penetrated and there to honor the memory of the men shot there — the terrorists destroyed them on the first day of the seizure, finding that they are unable to resist.

Over 14 years in the gym first Beslan school nothing has changed. Stands with images of the dead, the cross in the middle of the basketball court and sitting at photos of their children and grandchildren are adults.

Unlike previous years, there was almost no crying. Sobs could be heard only when the relatives started to tell friends how they found your child and where in the gym he or she sat during the seizure. All this happened under the mourning music which background sounded from placed around the perimeter of the destroyed school speakers.

In the corner of the gym, which usually gathers the assets of the Committee “Mothers of Beslan” (children of its members died in the same place), quietly talked about the investigation into the attack, which lasts from 1 September 2004 and is automatically renewed every few months.

6фотографий6фотографийСказать when it is still complete, no one can, the group that investigated the case, was disbanded a few years ago, and it actually hung in the air.

Later in the press conference the activists of the “Mothers of Beslan” Susanna Dudieva, Aneta Gadieva, Rita Sidakova and Marina Pak said that in addition to the investigation of the terrorist attack they are worried about the fate of several women who in the assault was confined to a wheelchair and are unable to obtain necessary but expensive care. Also having problems with the target directions in the study of the former hostages: the Republican and Russian universities are increasingly denied. These problems could be solved if there was a law on victims of terrorist acts (that have long been demanded by the “Beslan Mothers”), but while the former hostages and those who defend their interests are forced to rely on the goodwill of officials.

September 3, at the memorial “City of angels”, which the locals call the children’s cemetery, there were about 3 thousand people. The sound of a metronome sounded the names of all the victims, then people laid flowers at the monument “Tree of sorrow”.

At this time in Moscow near Church of the Nativity of the virgin on Kulishki also remember the victims of the Beslan terrorist attack. At the monument there were about a hundred people — mostly immigrants from South Ossetia and the former hostages, who now live in Moscow. The participants honored the memory of victims by minute of silence and released into the sky 334 white balls. According to one of the organizers, a former hostage Khetag kusaeva, which ten years lives in Moscow, “with every year comes less and less people, and it’s frustrating”.

It should be noted that this action takes place in Moscow every year. From monument to victims of the terrorist attack people go on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery where were buried the dead fighters of special forces, Zhukovskoe cemetery, where the dead are buried, emergency workers, and the village Yurovo, the monument FSB officer Mikhail Kuznetsov, who died during the assault of the first school.

Zaur Of Farniev, Vladikavkaz; Christina Surkhayeva